Ok,  they say there’s a first time for everything so here goes nothing!   I don’t know anything about blogging I’ve never even read anybody’s blog before so I have no idea what to do. I’m guessing I just tell you what’s going on or whats on my mind or tell you about my feelings….oh God, not that!

Just how long is a blog anyway?  I would  have been  blogging a long time ago if it weren’t for My girlfriends insistence of not being helpful in my time of techno troubles!  she obviously hasn’t received the same treatment from myself when it came to matters of the airbrush! If you’ve seen her work lately! 🙂  but alas I managed to put the two techno brain cells I have together and POOF! here I am……blogging. hehehe  I don’t need no stinking help!    what am I saying?  of coarse I do!  All kidding aside, I couldn’t do any of this stuff if  didn’t have Nic to help me.  she’s a wiz at this computer stuff!

 I have a nasty habit of just submitting my posts without proof reading what I’ve written so if you see spelling or grammar errors…….deal with it! hahaha  you’ll know what I’m talking about and I never claimed to be perfect!

  Today started out like most Mondays, slow to get into the shop, at least an hour and a half behind my other more timely employees. but in my defense, I worked most of the weekend so I feel like I’m allowed to come in a little late if I work after hours or on the weekends right?  ok, maybe I should set a better example.  what -ever.

started work again on the Amazonia fridge and helped Abel a little with the truck we are doing a complete color change on.  got a visit from Grant Harris and his buddy to pick up the last piece of Grants classic chevy pickup truck we did for him. grant is the father of the late Phil Harris from the show “Deadliest Catch”  you can tell Grant really misses Phil.  I have Phil’s portrait piece on an easel in my showroom right now, I felt bad it was there when he showed up but I had no idea he was going to be coming in today. If I did I certainly would have removed it to spare Grant from opening that wound again.

I’m trying to find the time from keeping this boat afloat to work on one of my new personal projects but can’t seem to do it.  I’m just gonna have to make myself do it or it’ll never get done!

well, I suppose this is a good first effort to blogging! I hope it didn’t put you to sleep!  hahaha!  see ya next time