This project originally aired Oct. 27, 2003 on “Monster Garage” (Season 2, Episode 7)

In this episode, Jesse James and his team revisited a previously failed challenge. The goal was to make a backhoe/hearse “gravedigger” vehicle. The last time they tried to put a backhoe in a hearse (Season 1, Episode 6 “Grim Ripper”), things didn’t quite work out. This time, they had better luck.

Gravedigger Hearse Front View

Mike got called in on the project to add his unique touch to the build:

The hearse got artwork from bumper to bumper. A gigantic Grim Reaper dominates each side of the vehicle, and since it was missing a headlight, Mike candied the other headlight a sinister red to match the ‘Reaper’s eyes…

Gravedigger Hearse Side View

Grim Reaper Mural Closeup

…and with a little more paint, the hydraulic digging arm was transformed into a giant skeletal arm and claw, as if the Grim Reaper itself was reaching out to dig graves.

Gravedigger Hearse Skeletal Backhoe Arm

Fittingly, the morbidly-themed episode aired just in time for Halloween. Mike recalls that the car gave him the creeps because the interior still smelled of embalming fluids.

Gravedigger Hearse Front View

Gravedigger Hearse Back View

Jesse James and the Gravedigger Hearse

You can get Monster Garage – Season Two

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