This episode originally aired on May 21, 1010.

In this episode, Bill Goldberg and the “Garage Mahal” team were tasked to… (blah, blah, blah… BMX Garage, yadda yadda.)

Sure, the garage turned out great, but Mike wasn’t messing around in the garage. He was out back working on something much bigger- The family’s riding/skating pool. He was painting a pretty massive mural for the Taylor family, and it was going to require all of his attention.

dgml201_dgml-SS6-bmx-garage-AFTER-1_s4x3.jpg.rend.hgtvcom.1280.960Picture 798B

Goldberg and Mike discuss how the project is going…

Picture 841B

While it was still dark, the original concept sketch of Mike’s design was projected onto the surface at the full size, to get things blocked out.

Picture 809BPicture 819B

Mike had to take his shoes off to avoid scuffing or damaging the paint while he worked. In addition to the main mural, he added faux cracks and stains around the edges to tie it all in.

Picture 822BPicture 827B

And at the end of the day, voila! Here is the completed mural!

Picture 849BDespite his tough-guy appearance, Goldberg is a actually pretty nice guy.

Picture 848BDid you see this episode on television? What part of the project did you like best?

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