In a business like custom paint, there are a lot of supplies you go through pretty quickly. One of those is the X-Acto Precision Knife (or similar hobby knife.) Often, the cuts need to be precise, and with frequent use, they dull pretty darn quickly. And don’t forget the good old-fashioned Straight Razor Blades either.

For safety reasons, it’s really not the best idea to just pitch them in your garbage can or waste paper basket. Even a relatively dull blade is still sharp enough to be dangerous. So it’s not a bad idea to have a container to safely collect your old blades Here are a few things used here at the shop…


The Paint Mixing Cup- Just take a pint (or quart, if you’re ambitious) Mixing Cup and cut a coin slot in the top. It’s like a piggy bank for weary old blades!


Baby Wipe Container- Many Baby Wipes containers (or other cleaning wipes) have a push-button lid. Once you have used all the wipes, it makes an ideal container, and safer from spills if you knock it on the floor. Nobody likes sharp objects scattered across their floor. Well most people, we would hope.

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Tell us if you have your own trick for storing your old blades, and let us know if there is anything you would like posted here in the future!


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