Our customer Yanee brought in her Can-Am Spyder a while back to get the Killer Paint treatment. So Mike laid some sick shreds and True Fire on it, and she was crazy happy with the result. So much so, that she came back to us to get her accompanying trailer done up to match.


Here is the result:  Plenty of shreds to look like the original paint is being torn away, and rich, hot orange True Fire underneath, matching the existing paint job on her Spyder.  And of course, a flaming skull on the front end.

FullSizeRender-14B  FullSizeRender-10B FullSizeRender-1B FullSizeRender-2B

Mike added a little something extra on the top too- A Seattle Seahawks tribute on the top for her. She is a big time “12th Man.” She loves her ‘Hawks, and loves to show it, too.


We hope you enjoyed seeing how this project turned out. Let us know if there is anything you would like to see us post here in the future!


Maybe this project gave you some ideas, or you already have an idea in mind for your own car, truck, motorcycle, refrigerator, etc?

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