This episode of “Rides” (Season 4, Episode 3) originally aired August 9, 2005.

For this show, Mike was tasked to go head-to-head on a painting challenge with California airbrush artist Yvonne Mecialis. Each would receive a silver Pontiac G6 to paint, and only a week to do it!

Afterward, both cars would be brought together to determine whose brush was mightiest!

RIDES TV SHOWS (15)B(It’s hard enough to paint on a deadline, but there is also the camera crew filming the process to contend with as well!)

Mike decided that the car would get a biomechanical look, a la H.R. Giger, fused with an ancient Egyptian theme.


First, the car was covered bumper to bumper with biomech elements and hieroglyphs, with a Pharaoh dominating the hood. Small “Easter eggs” and other hidden nods/homages were scattered throughout the design. Airbrushes and Killer Paint’s skull logo were placed amongst the symbols, and the scarab used in the House of Kolor paint logo was incorporated as well.

DSCN2504BAt this point, covered in elaborate silver biomech designs, the car looks like a job well done. However, what came next made some viewers’ jaws drop. Much of this design was now to be painted over!

Auto Art.jpg (24)BDSCN2639B

The car was masked off with an array of tears and shreds, and then painted blue… leaving the elaborate biomech elements peeking out, revealed only where the paint areas appeared to peel away. Shading and painted peeling effects added depth to the multilayer effect. A portrait of Mike’s competition Yvonne, is on the trunk lid in back.


Here are some more details in the finished paint job. A mechanical spine is revealed on the roof, and some of the hieroglyphs on the hood.

Auto Art.jpg (22)BRIDES TV SHOWS (38)B

Once the car is done, it is sent off to the site of the showdown…


…where the competition is waiting.


Yvonne’s car also has a biomech flavor, and possibly some inspiration from the 1927 Sci-Fi classic “Metropolis.” She incorporated bright swooshes of color into her design as well.

DSCN2853 DSCN2855

In the end, the show’s producers decided that they couldn’t determine a clear winner, and declared the showdown a draw. Everybody wins!


Unfortunately though, the two cars painted for this competition were not production models. They were not issued VIN numbers, and were not street legal. As such, they were scheduled to be destroyed after the show wrapped. Some removable parts from the car were saved and brought back to Killer Paint before its final demise.

The hood featuring the biomech Pharaoh is still hanging on the wall of the Killer Paint shop as of this posting.


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Oh! and Here is a bonus Wallpaper image featuring the Biomech G6 as well. Enjoy!


We hope you enjoyed taking a look back at this project. Let us know if there is anything you would like to see us post here in the future!


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