This episode ( Season 4, Episode 2) aired on January 12, 2007.

The tattoo artists from “Miami Ink” had seen Mike on other television shows. So when they got a new shop Jeep, they decided to call him in to paint artwork on the hood.


Doing paint work on a television show often means having someone looking over your shoulder while you work, and staying focused with the whole crew working around you the whole time.


Mike got to see the tattoo gurus at their workplace, and artist Ami James came up with a Chinese Dragon sketch for the design for Mike to use on on the hood mural as soon as he got to painting.


The hood for the Jeep was waiting for Mike to paint at a local body shop, just down the street from the Love Hate Tattoo shop.


The weather during the job was very humid, and extremely hot. But when there’s a job to do, and a limited window of time in which to do it, sweating it out is the only option to get it done.


After the paint work was done, Mike got to keep the original concept sketch that Ami drew for the design, and as of this posting, he still has it on the wall above his desk at Killer Paint.


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