This time we’re taking a look back at a bike that came to the Killer Paint shop a few years ago. This Harley-Davidson bagger got a pretty straightforward paint job, but still looks pretty phenomenal.

SONY DSCThe base color on this project is a pretty spectacular blue, even before the flames were added. Having a rich metallic or pearlescent base color to start with helps enhance the look of airbrushed flames, adding that extra “glow” to the overall paint job.

SONY DSCAs far as True Fire™ goes, this one got the all-over treatment. True Blue fire was added to every piece that had any paint on it, from front to back fender, even including the air cleaner cover.

This is a good example of painting realistic flames that are a color that is in the same range as the background color. This approach works especially well in blues. It creates a more subtle, complimentary look that can still turn heads, but isn’t as in your face.

SONY DSCSome customers prefer painted emblems in lieu of having the original emblems put back on after the bike is painted. The Harley-Davidson emblems on the side of the tank were removed, and replaced with a more calligraphic, incised-looking letter style. The text was lined in a darker blue to help it stand out from the flames behind it.

SONY DSCThe fairing on this Harley got a stylized Chinese-style dragon on front, breathing a bit of blue fire as well. This one is more stylized, with a more tattoo-art type look, and less like traditional Chinese art.

We hope you enjoyed taking a look back at this project. Let us know if there is anything you would like to see us post here in the future!


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