A few years ago, a customer brought his motorcycle to Killer Paint for some ambitious custom paint. He was interested in a fairly unique project theme- Evil clowns playing a high-stakes game of poker. He definitely was not looking for understated on this one.

 Low Front Angle of Evil Clown Ducati Bike by Mike Lavallee of Killer Paint

This project got bumper to bumper artwork coverage, and then some. There is a lot going on on this bike, so it would be crazy to try and show every detail. Let’s see if we can show as much of it as we can…


Okay then. What better place to start than the front?

The fairing and windscreen of the bike were transformed into one enormous wicked clown head, with the headlight forming the opening of its mouth. Some True Fire™ pours out the edges of its gaping maw.

The front fender forms the edge of the clowns’ poker table. Flaming poker chips adorned with clown skulls are strewn about, along with a few poker cards, including a Joker card, also aflame.

CIMG4919BThis side features a large, cigar-smoking clown, with fiery red hair. His poker hand is black Aces and eights, infamously known as the “dead man’s hand.” A closer look at the scroll on the front fender shows it to be a Deed of Souls. (click photos to enlarge)


The other side of the motorcycle features a wicked shark-toothed jester with glowing eyes, clad in dark purple. His poker hand is nearly a royal flush of hearts, except for the missing ace of hearts… which his cigar-smoking marionette seems to be bringing for him… or is he stealing it? (click photos to enlarge)

CIMG4918BBack on the driver’s side , a few more evil clowns leer menacingly from the side of the gas tank. Next to them is a portrait of our customer’s wife. But under the “mask” of her face is revealed another wicked clown, with a stitched head and neck.

CIMG4933B Picture 115B

On the back of the bike behind the seat is a particularly vicious looking clown in a bowler hat. With long, sharp needle-like teeth, drooling what appears to be blood, one could only imagine what he’s done.. or plans to do.

IMG_0924B IMG_0925B

Here are a few more detail shots of some of the other clowns to be found on this project from before the parts were reattached to the frame. (click photos to enlarge)

CIMG4928BThere is a lot to see on this bike, and pictures can’t always show the whole story. If you ever get a chance to see this bike in person, take some time to take in all of the details put onto this one.

We hope you enjoyed taking a look back at this project. Let us know if there is anything you would like to see us post here in the future!


Maybe this project gave you some ideas, or you already have an idea in mind for your own car, truck, motorcycle, refrigerator, etc?

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