Most of the jobs that come to Killer Paint are for people’s personal cars, trucks, motorcycles and so on. However, businesses also bring us vehicles for custom paint as well. While there are cheaper signage/display options for vehicles, there are benefits to having paint on a company vehicle.

Stand Out in the Crowd-

Emerald City Trapeze Car by Mike Lavallee of Killer Paint

Custom painted artwork is highly useful where standout visibility for the company is desired. A nicely done vehicle will be a real head-turner as well. Many companies take advantage of that kind of attention draw to make sure that their business is seen. With a really knockout paint job, you are not only seen, but remembered.

Show up (at) the Competition-

Mothers Wax PT Cruiser Painted by Mike Lavallee of Killer PaintSome companies chose to invest in a special car, truck or motorcycle to use as a show vehicle.

Custom artwork is often highly desired for a business show car, because the first thing a person sees on a vehicle is the paint- it gets the maximum number of eyes pointed in the right direction, and keep them there longer.

Sometimes a car or truck will feature equipment or parts that are sold, manufactured or installed by the company.

Other businesses might simply use the vehicle to draw notice by having an attention-grabbing car with their name on it. Then all that is needed is to get it out in front of people and make sure it gets seen.

Rock Pizza 1934 Ford Coupe by Mike Lavallee of Killer PaintSuch a vehicle will often be taken to car shows, conventions, or any event where there is sure to be a large crowd, in order to get maximum exposure. (Having a car win an trophy or two doesn’t hurt either.)

Some show cars, trucks or motorcycles will even do one or more show tours, making appearances at a number of special locations, promotional events or even charity fundraisers.

A really nicely done show vehicle can potentially continue to draw attention to the business for a number of years with the right amount of exposure. The right kind of show car could even possibly gain its own reputation and build its own fan base.

The flipside of this coin is putting a private vehicle to work in order to advertise one’s business.

Sometimes an owner of a company will have a vehicle of their own that they want to get custom artwork painted on, and take the opportunity to draw attention to their business at the same time.

10616215_10152677306505605_5142820078616664119_nSome Killer Paint customers choose to include their company name or logo with the artwork, while they are already having their vehicle painted for their own personal enjoyment. That way, their business name goes out with them wherever they take it.

Tough Enough-

When it comes to work vehicles that see a lot of use, or might get a lot of wear and tear from heavy duty kinds of work, many businesses are reluctant to have high-quality custom paint done.

TRUE FIRE JOB (137)BThe paint on a workhorse vehicle can take a serious beating just from simply being driven often, from things like rock chips, minor scratches, door dings and other little hazards of the road.

Dump Truck with True Fire™ Paint Job by Mike Lavallee of Killer PaintFor vehicles like dump trucks, tow trucks or box vans, the amount of wear or abuse that one of these beasts is likely to endure is much greater.

Despite this, plenty of customer businesses have still decided to have custom paint done for such vehicles. There are a few reasons why a company decides to go with custom paint on a hard-working truck or other vehicle…

Some companies, especially one-man operations, might only have a single workhorse vehicle in use, and they are often very invested in it. As such, they feel it is worth the effort it to make it look special, too.

Smaller operations will usually have a smaller staff or crew, and can more easily focus responsibility on making sure proper care is taken in using a custom painted vehicle to minimize wear or damage while in use and on the job.

On the other hand, a business that has a larger fleet of heavy duty vehicles in use will sometimes choose to have one of their trucks receive a special paint job as a figurehead vehicle, and get custom paint for it as part of their advertising budget.

1D2BADAF-7079-4C6E-9001-39CAA000179B-2Sometimes such a vehicle might be designated primarily for public appearances like parades, or parked prominently where it can be seen by a lot of passing traffic, either at the business’s main location or at an active job site.

Semi Truck with Green True Fire™ by Mike Lavallee of Killer PaintWith a larger pool of vehicles in operation, it might be taken out only when needed for lighter jobs, and it can be assigned to a driver or operator that has demonstrated a high degree of responsibility in caring for equipment.

Additionally, a vehicle this eye-catching is a perfect element to feature in a company’s advertising media.

Images of the car or truck can be posted on the front page of a company’s website or social media pages, as well as used in traditional print ads or even television commercials.

The right custom painted vehicle can act almost like a spokesperson for a company. It gets people’s attention, can make a bold statement about a business, and make people remember it.


Maybe this post gave you some ideas, or you already have an idea in mind for your own car, truck, motorcycle, refrigerator, etc?

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