When this Harley-Davidson motorcycle came into Killer Paint a while back, its owner wanted to give the bike something different than a stock paint job, but nothing too outrageous.

Faux Stone and Celtic Symbols Harley-Davidson by Mike Lavallee of Killer PaintThe design chosen for this particular project called for large sections on the bike to be painted as a white, cracked stone, in addition to some other design elements.

994089_10152050113240605_1120083242_n2The faux stone effect on this project was accomplished using one of Mike’s favorite products and secret weapons… Artool’s Killer Grunge FX™ Masking Spray.

The spray has made a multitude of visual effects a whole lot easier to manage. From textures like stone or rust, to things like the skin on various creatures, this stuff gets used a lot. The results can be simple and subtle, or bold and loud, depending on the task at hand.

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Multiple paint layers using Killer Grunge FX™ can be combined to produce a wide variety of increasingly complex effects. On this project, several applications were combined to help achieve the deep stone appearance. Varying the pattern used for each paint layer created an even more elaborate texture appearance. (click images to enlarge)

Spraying the Grunge FX™ from different angles or distances can change how it sets up on your project. Also, if you let the spray sit on your painting surface after application, the pattern will change as you watch, and you can paint the surface as soon as you are pleased with the look.

If you don’t like the way the spray pattern is developing though, you don’t have to paint it. Just wipe it off, and you can re-apply the mask until you get a pattern that you are more comfortable putting your color over.

This video demonstrates how the stone effect used on this project was produced, using Killer Grunge FX™ spray:

Since it is a very loose method, it allows for a lot of diversity and creativity in its use. Exploring different techniques in painting with this spray can open up a whole new level of painting possibilities.


Since the Killer Grunge FX™ Spray is fluid, it allows the textures to be added in and around corners and recesses on complex parts as well. (click images to enlarge)

Once the textures had the right appearance, details and embellishments (like cracks and larger chips, etc.) can be painted individually to hit that extra level of realism. A bluish white pearl paint was dusted over the top to help give it some extra depth and richness, especially in the light.

10379894_10152499598120605_2997202909225076456_o copySome additional Celtic weave designs were added to various areas once the stone was finished. The weave patterns were kept fairly modest in size, so as to not overshadow the faux stone effect.

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Bands of metallic gray were used as a break between the dark blue spaces and the white stone sections in the design. If you look closely, these metallic areas were given a texture treatment as well, though it is a far more subtle effect than the one used for the stone. (click images to enlarge)

Celtic patterns were included in these bands, too, and a lighter blue pinstripe was added in the dark blue side as an accent.


The color split band runs in a more or less continuous flow down the side of the bike, finally tapering off at the bottom of the saddle bags.

1455041_10152068562395605_1723261748_n2 1479546_10152068561685605_1057888491_n2

The customer’s helmet was also painted to match the rest of the project. The cracked white stone effect runs down the center wedge, and the silver swoosh bands and Celtic weave design from the Harley are repeated on either side. (click images to enlarge)


We hope you enjoyed taking a look back at this project. Let us know if there is anything you would like to see us post here in the future!


Maybe this project gave you some ideas, or you already have an idea in mind for your own car, truck, motorcycle, refrigerator, etc?

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