In 2013, a Harley-Davidson motorcycle was brought to us by a client who is a big fan of a certain legendary rock band…

AC/DC Harley-Davidson by Mike Lavallee of Killer PaintThis bike was going to be fender-to-fender AC/DC. The owner of the bike had a bunch of favorite images from the bands albums and history that he wanted to incorporate into the design on this project, so basically every section on the motorcycle has its own piece of artwork, and some parts even have more.

931248_10151652654010605_608199029_n2This Harley’s fairing features a “Rock N’ Roll Train,” from the band’s song of the same name. An image of AC/DC guitarist Angus Young on a motorcycle appears on the front fender, with both parts sharing the same stormy, thunderstruck sky.

Several different elements were combined for the artwork on the gas tank-


For the top of the tank, Mike painted a literal “Highway to Hell,” using his Killer Grunge FX spray to add texture to the pavement. The road is engulfed in flames all the way to the burning horizon. Smoke issuing up from the bottom forms the letters “AC DC,” and a highway sign marking the damned route completes the scene.

The center console panel that divides the tank was painted with the band’s stylized lightning bolt emblem, crackling with burning energy. (click images to enlarge)

946757_10151652657545605_32328965_n2Here are the components of the tank fully assembled, including all of the the chrome pieces. (click image to enlarge)


Each side of the gas tank received its own separate artwork. One side has another “Rock N Roll Train,” while the other side has an image of the band from the cover of the “Highway to Hell” album, right below the burning highway sign. Additional flames tie the images from the top and sides of the tank into a single flowing piece.

970369_10151652656950605_1932487534_n2Behind the seat, the “Highway” continues on through the rear fender, ending with a flame engulfed “Hell’s Bells” emblem.

969087_10151630130810605_1055603118_n2 922689_10151586288150605_1247644400_n2

Portraits of guitarist Angus Young and lead singer Brian Johnson were painted on the saddle bag lids, flanking the rear fender. Both portraits are done in deep blue hues, accented with flickers of bright orange fire over them. (click images to enlarge)

The side of each saddle bag also received its own artwork, of course.


The right hand bag (as the driver sits) shows a concert scene with a “Whole Lotta Rosie” astride the train.


The other bag side shows cannon from “For Those About to Rock” blasting away, with more lightning striking down from above. The side cover on this side has shows another flame-licked portrait of Angus Young. (click images to enlarge)


The bike showed up at a concert by the all-female AC/DC cover band “Hell’s Belles.” The ladies in the band seemed to appreciate this Harley, too.

We hope you enjoyed taking a look back at this project. Let us know if there is anything you would like to see us post here in the future!


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