This project was just delivered to our customer, Tiffany G. She brought in her 2015 Harley-Davidson Freewheeler trike and wanted an elaborate vampire theme and some fire to go with it.

IMG_1875B IMG_1891B

A cemetery setting is the backdrop for this theme, so there are a bunch of other elements involved, working to tie the whole thing together.

Tombstones and skulls and such are woven into the artwork, and lots of ominous mist snaking its way throughout the different pieces of the design along with the True Fire™. Of course, there have to be numerous bats found throughout the artwork too.

IMG_1884BOur customer wanted the vampires on her trike to be on the sensual, mysterious side of the spectrum, and not in the monstrous or gory range. So Mike made sure to keep the blood to a minimum. But still enough to make sure there is no mistake that these are vampires, despite their beauty.


This project got more than just a paint upgrade, though. To the inside of each of the fenders, a pair of physical skulls were fabricated to partially cover and disguise the handles mounted there.

Once they were made, the open-topped skulls were attached firmly to the fiberglass shell before being blended seamlessly into the body.

Mike made sure that they each received some added shading and highlights so that they will both have a little bit of extra depth and pop.


In order to not go into overkill (*cough*) with too many vampires, and help incorporate some more cemetery elements of the theme into the design, Mike put a grim reaper on the other fender. He also tucked a weeping angel statue on the side panel of this side. (Don’t blink!)


Along with the almost obligatory fire leading the front fender, there is a sultry vampiress as well, done in much more vibrant, colorful hues to stand out on the front of the trike.


The rear end of the Freewheeler got something a little special. Mike painted a portrait of our customer Tiffany in his trademark Skelebrities™ style. The background has a cemetery gate that carries over onto each of the fenders, while ghostly figures also lurk around in the background.

(It is difficult to tell from these photos, but the tail lights were reworked, and new lights in an iron cross design were integrated into the fenders.)


We hope you enjoyed seeing how this project turned out. We know the owner of this unique trike sure did! Let us know if there is anything you would like to see us post here in the future!


Maybe this trike gave you some ideas, or you already have an idea in mind for your own car, truck, motorcycle, etc.?

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