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This 2016 Camaro was brought to us by our customer Aubrey P., who wanted an electrifying look for her brand new car…


The Camaro Hyper Blue Metallic paint color is already pretty high voltage, so the artwork was painted right over the stock color.



Bolts of lightning run across the hood, emanating from the Chevrolet bowtie emblem on the front, radiating outward. Even more electrical arcs flow off the backs of the wheel wells and down the doors, as well as a bit from the corners of each of the headlights.


On the back, the bowtie on the trunk lid was also hit by the lightning bug, and a “Phoenix” text emblem was designed to go on the rear at the customer’s request.



This kind of  a simple though effective way to give a paint job some extra “wow” factor, without being terribly ostentatious.

We hope you enjoyed seeing this project.  Let us know if there is anything you would like to see us post here in the future!


Maybe this project gave you some ideas, or you already have an idea in mind for your own car, truck, motorcycle, refrigerator, etc?

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