Back in 2013, a client brought their brand new Ford Raptor to Killer Paint for some custom paint.


The stock blue color of the truck is already quite vibrant, so there was no change to the base coat paint. For the front end artwork, the truck got some pretty straightforward True Blue fire, running off the front of the hood and off of the front wheel wells.


On the truck bed, the stock Raptor logo and graphics decals were removed, and Mike painted some faux shreds down each side, running from the tail lights, and tapering off toward the middle of the cab at the front doors. Some smaller licks of blue flame trail back from the front end down the sides, and even more fire flickers out of the dark openings in the shreds.

All of the wheel well guards were painted with a faux carbon fiber pattern, and given a matte clearcoat, to match the non-glossy surface that many of the other trim pieces on the truck have. (click photos to enlarge)


Back on the tailgate, the Raptor emblem was pulled off, and some claw-mark faux shreds and a flicker of fire were painted on behind it before it was reinstalled. The oval Ford emblem was repainted with a compact portrait of a raptor-style dinosaur and a faux carbon fiber surround. (click image to enlarge)


The shreds and fire interweave from opposite directions to combine into a larger overall design that stretches the entirety of both sides.

The customer picked up his newly painted Raptor and left happy. Little did anyone know that this wouldn’t be the end of this blue beast’s story. It would be back… with company.


When the Raptor’s owner returned to Killer Paint, he wanted to have the Ford lettering on the grill painted with some True Fire™ as well. A pretty simple addition.

However, he had brought another project to take on- he had purchased a Power Wheels Raptor toy truck, and wanted to have it painted to match for his son. So the Lil’ Raptor got a some blue fire and shreds design to match the big one. (click photos to enlarge)


When all is said and done these two trucks make a pretty badass (yet adorable) pair.

The Bickford Ford Dealership, where this Raptor was originally sold, has a small post about this project from 2013 on their blog as well. Click here to view it, and additional photos of this truck.

We hope you enjoyed taking a look back at this project. Let us know if there is anything you would like to see us post here in the future!


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