In 2014 we had a very interesting bike come into Killer Paint. In addition, the owner wanted to have a pretty extensive artwork theme done on it.

Knights Templar Bike with Mike Lavallee of Killer Paint

1535483_10152152939115605_476396490_n2The bike came into the shop already completely black. So there was no paint re-basing needed on this project, which always makes things much easier. This ride also sports a sizable 26″ front wheel.

The customer wanted to pay tribute to military servicemen, and depict skeletal, eternal warriors from the Order of the Knights Templar in the fires of battle. Skulls and fire? Definitely something Mike Lavallee has some experience with.

The color scheme for the artwork has a monochromatic foundation. The added flashes of red used for all of the knight’s cross emblems help them stand out in stark contrast, and all of the True Fire™ on this project is in full luminous color as well.

There is a ton of artwork that ended up being put all over this bike. Multiple scenes and numerous individual elements make up the composition on the finished artwork. There’s not enough space here to feature every detail, but we’ll try to show as much as possible here…

IMG_8753B IMG_8765B

The headlight ring was left black, and the rest of the assembly was embellished with skulls and flames.

The front fender features a large sword, and a blood-stained Templar skeleton warrior, engulfed in flames. The back end of the fender features an elaborate Templar emblem. Again, red was used sparingly to give some of the elements extra visibility and impact against the monochrome pieces. (click images to enlarge)


Each side of the tank sports the seal of the Knights Templar in bright red, to stand out as much as possible among the multitude of other imagery. Skulls and wispy mists swirl around and about the various pieces of imagery.


The bike’s tank has quite a bit of area to cover, and the majority of it is filled in with horse-mounted knights, carrying cross emblazoned banners into battle. These undying Templars are also revealed to have skeletal features, and the battlefield around them is engulfed in bright, hot flames, flowing toward the back of the tank. (click images to enlarge)


Even the horses are rendered with an unearthly quality. With glowing eyes and mouths, they appear as fearsome as their riders. Here and there, bolts of lightning lash out In the background. (click images to enlarge)

1291808_10152320199275605_3184341666524787818_o2The saddle bags on this bike also have a lot of real estate for artwork, so rather than fill it with an awkwardly large single element, there is instead a collage of imagery more in proportion the the artwork on the rest of the bike.



A supernatural lion, more cavalry knights, and some ethereal spirits make up some of elements on the side. A larger image of a skeletal knight swinging his sword in battle wraps around to the back. (click images to enlarge)

IMG_8727BThe saddle bag on the other side also features a composite mural. A castle is the centerpiece of the scene, and a knight, ravens and skulls are also depicted.


The rear fender features a much larger scale image of a skeletal Templar Knight, wreathed in smoke and flame. Another skull-faced knight is superimposed in front, swinging his sword with a raised shield.


Painted above the eternal knight on the rear fender is a cracked stone tablet depicting a list of names, requested by the customer, of United States servicemen along with the military branches they each served in.


The bike was given a final clear coat in matte finish. It is something a trade-off- you don’t get the nice show shine that many people prefer, but in this case, less shine means fewer reflections and glare to interfere with the visibility of the artwork. It allows the darker shades to push into the background better, while the artwork, especially the color splash elements, can take center stage.


The helmet to accompany this bike is no less elaborately painted. The Templar seal is repeated on the back of the helmet, again in bright red.

10009905_10152318743710605_6426470471351737743_n2 1920464_10152318744495605_7019941023152915313_n2

Similar thematic elements from the bike carry over to the helmet as well. Mike’s signature gem-eyed skulls are the dominating elements here, with bright fire and gray mist balancing out the rest of the surfaces. (click images to enlarge)

If you would like to see even more, here are two video walkthroughs for this bike, where further elements and details are discussed:



We hope you enjoyed taking a look back at this project. Let us know if there is anything you would like to see us post here in the future!


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